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Back for 2013, Announcing new Forums!

Hello all!  Its been a while since I have posted here and I apologize for the lack of content.  I was focusing my energy on some other projects and decided I want to bring out the ... Continue Reading →

Simple trick to increasing the value of your items

I cannot stress how important this is when buying and flipping! Cleaning your items before selling does two important things; increases the value or final sale price and creates a faster ... Continue Reading →

Buying a Large Collection [UPDATE]

An update to the large collection   This is an update to this post:   I had an eBay member that lived about 2 hours from me ... Continue Reading →

Buying a Large Collection

Hey all, sorry I have not updated this in a while. I have been super busy with some other projects. I am going to dedicate more time to this blog and try to kick it in higher gear with ... Continue Reading →

A video tutorial and guide on creating an effective and professional Craigslist ad

  Looking to post something on Craigslist?   Follow my guide here on and learn to create an effective ad giving you the opportunity to sell your item fast ... Continue Reading →

Protecting yourself when buying off craigslist

If you have ever bought something off of craigslist you will know the type of anxiety that can come with meeting a stranger to exchange cash for goods or goods for cash.  If you are ... Continue Reading →

Profit lurking in broken/damaged items

Often times you hear people say “anything can be sold on eBay.”  They are not kidding, you really can sell anything.  Broken items, for example, can bring in great profit ... Continue Reading →

Attending previews at local auctions pays off

About a year ago a local auction company was liquidating a wireless store. This auction was online bidding only.  I like these types of auctions because they generally have a preview ... Continue Reading →

Can’t buy these in stores…

I wanted to make a post about the value of  items that you can’t buy in stores. My example today is promotional mini fridges.  These are given out by distributors by energy ... Continue Reading →

Top down fun, $2,000 in 29 days!

2003 Porsche Boxster with only 35k miles?!     I came across a little gem in early April.  I was searching craigslist and found this 2003 Porsche Boxster Convertible for ... Continue Reading →