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I wanted to use my iPhone as the example because there are a lot of phones on craigslist and there is a lot of money in flipping cell phones.




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Taking Pictures:


Pictures are your main selling point. You should take as many pictures as possible showing every aspect of the item you are selling, this gives your

potential buyers the confidence to purchase your phone because they know there will not be any surprise scratches or other imperfections that might have been left out.

I use a large sheet of paper as my backdrop for the pictures with my phone number displayed. I choose to have my phone number in pictures because this lets potential buyers know that I have actually taken those photos and they are not stolen from other listings. If you are not comfortable putting your phone number in the listing, you could use your email address.


Hosting the pictures:


Craigslist allows you to upload four pictures to their listing. These four pictur

es are reduced in quality as craigslist puts them on their servers. I use a method allowing me to bypass this four picture limit and display as many pictures as I want in my listing.

To bypass the picture limit you must host the images yourself. I use a service called Imgur (pronounced image-er or Imager). There is a link at the bottom of this posting to Imgur’s website.

Upload all of your pictures at once to Imgur’s server. After uploading them, click on the link that says “Generate Multiple Links.” A window will popup and you can chose what type of links to pop up. Chose the “HTML Image (Websites/Blogs)” selection and then hit copy.

This copies the HTML code to the pictures for use when creating the listing.


Creating the Listing:


Open the editor and go directly to the source, it is located in the top left of the editor. There will be a sample code in the editor and you will need to select all (ctrl + a) and delete the code. Once the source is blank you will paste (ctrl + v) the code you copied from the image uploader.To make an effective craigslist ad you need to design it in HTML format. Dont know HTML format and want to design it like a word document? Easy, just use a WYSIWYG editor, which stands ”What You See Is What You Get.” I have provided a link to the editor I use in my resources section at the bottom of my post.

Once the code is pasted into the source you can hit the source button again and go back to the designer. You should see all of your pictures show up. You can now add your text above the pictures

the same way you would in a word document. In my opinion, centering everything gives the listing a clean look.




Posting the Ad:


Once you have designed the listing to your liking, you are now ready to post it. You will go back to the source on the editor and select all (ctrl + a) and copy (ctrl + c) the entire source code.

Head on over to Craigslist.com and sign in or sign up if you do not already have an account. Click on the post to classifieds link and you will be presented with a few options. First select the post type, I am selecting the “for sale” section. You will see a new screen and select your category, I will select cell “phones – by owner.” Some cities have multiple areas and you will need to select one if you are posting in a city with more than one area on craigslist.

On the next screen you will see boxes for Title, Price, Location and Description. You will paste (ctrl + v) the source code (that you copied from the editor) into the Description box. Leave that code alone and start typing out a title. Try and fill up the entire title box with descriptions of the phone. You will then need to add a price and location to the listing before clicking continue. Do not worry about add/edit images because you have inserted images in the source code.

Most of the time you will be presented with a captcha to verify you are human, once this is complete you will see a page showing you your listing, an option to edit or delete and a link to the public listing.

You are now finished with the listing, sit back and wait for the calls to come in. Expect text messages as well.








Use google voice as an alternate number.
Refer to my blog post, Protecting yourself when buying off craigslist for tips on staying safe when you buy or sell.



Easy HTML Editor - http://ckeditor.com/demo 
Free Image Hosting – http://imgur.com
Google Voice – http://voice.google.com


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